Almond paste sweets are another classic Greek treat. Variations in the recipe can be found all over the country. The islands, however, are famous for making the tastiest “Amygdalotá” [Greek for almond paste treats].

On some Greek islands, the local people call their Amygdalotá by the name “Rosedes.” Made by women in their homes throughout the Aegean Archipelago, they are the confectionary treats par excellence to serve to guests gathered at weddings and baptisms.


The inspiration for our Rosedes recipe came from the southern Greek island of Kythera, home to the heavenly goddess Aphrodite, and her consort, Eros.

Kythera is a blessed place, with unexplored aspects and richly varied landscapes; a place you are eager to explore.

The island’s culinary tradition is reason enough to love the island. It is a magical coexistence of the modern Greek kitchen with the old ways, which often borrow elements from the historic Venetian presence on this island. Their rosedes recipe ignited our imagination.