The first compound of the word [meli] means honey in Greek. It is not by chance that melomakarona are considered the ultimate sweet Greek treat for Christmas and New Year wishes. Τhey symbolize welfare and creativity.

Melomakarona are honey cakes, which are baked and served all over Greece with slight variations. In some areas they add nuts on top, in others they use walnuts inside, as stuffing. Either way they are definitely one of the most traditional Greek treats of all times.


The roots of our recipe can be traced to the Greeks of Smyrna, in Asia Minor, whose inspired cuisine became an integral part of the Greek mainland tradition when they resettled back in the early 20th century.

In 1920, the picturesque harbor of Smyrna was considered one of the liveliest internationally. The city itself had a sophisticated multicultural character and the Greeks who lived there, were literally citizens of the world. When they were forced to return to the mainland of Greece, they brought with them their culture of food, music, trade, art and literature. The Greek cuisine, especially the one of Northern Greece, is highly influenced by the cooking habits of the area.

Served to guests at home or offered as a gift, melomakarona [or finikia as they use to call them] was an integral of the Christmas preparations and festivity.