The “koulouraki” is an archetype of Greek baking, a light, flavorful and nutritious cookie treat. The braided version is a classic. It is served in many regions of Greece and it comes in various shapes and recipes. It is considered an everyday treat, always present in every Greek home to welcome the “unexpected” visitor.


The Peloponnese, the peninsula in southern Greece is the birthplace of our original koulouraki recipe. We have selected the specific area for the many different and interesting ingredients that local housewives used to add in their koulouraki recipe.

The beautiful Peloponnese peninsula has a mountainous interior and deeply indented coasts. Rich in mythological stories and homeland of the ancient Olympic Games, Peloponnese is definitely a land of mystery and interest.

It is blessed with climatic conditions that favor agricultural production and its culinary history has been formed by the various occupants that inhabited the area: franks, ottomans and venetians.

Oranges, grapes and olives are the most common fruits of the area, while cinnamon is Peloponnesian cuisine’s favourite spice. Local cooks often “sweeten” their savoury dishes by adding some cinnamon and raisins, giving them a hot, spicy flavour.


Village women in the Sparta region of the Peloponnese consider orange a key ingredient, surely affected by the intense fragrance arising from the blossoming citrus groves in the area. Our recipe is based on this treasured local one, and has inspired us to offer another version, a cookie stick made with black raisins PDO Vostitsa (today’s region of Aigion, on the Corinthian Gulf that separates the Peloponnesian peninsula from the Greek mainland).

Black raisins PDO Vostitsa are famous for their taste and high food value. Inspired by the fragrant, delicious character of this distinctive fruit, we have created a new, innovative “koulouraki” recipe that makes our cookie stick a nourishing snack throughout the day.