Good Things Come in Small Packages

“Unwrapping” the Kourabies and getting to know its marvelous ingredients.

At Petits Grecs, we set out to make this eternal classic of the Greek kitchen an even more delicious and nutritious culinary accomplishment. Using a high concentration of crushed almonds and other nuts from Greece’s orchards, extra virgin olive oil together with pure fresh butter, delicate wheat flour from the plains of Thessaly, and adding the flourish of traditional and brand-new natural flavours, gives us the Petits Grecs Kourabies. We use no preservatives, and we add no artificial colouring or flavouring.

Almonds, prized as symbols of prosperity and well-being, are grown in many parts of our country, and one of them in Amphipolis in northern Greece. The area is named for the ancient city of Amphipolis, where Alexander the Great set out to expand the empire of the Macedonian dynasty to the utmost reaches of Asia. Today as far as the eye can see, thousands upon thousands of almond trees decorate the late winter landscape with their clouds of palest pink blossoms, and by summer these countless trees offer their rich and nutritious harvest.

We use the “queen of spices,” pure and all-natural vanilla, to flavour our traditional kourabie. To take the chill off fall and winter months, we have created a kourabies flavoured with finely milled Greek coffee; and one with cinnamon, the warmth-bringing spice we find in so many slow-cooked main dishes on the stoves and in the ovens of kitchens in our part of the world.

To ease the heat of the summer months, we have created a kourabie made of the crushed pistachios from the Saronic Gulf island of Aegina and flavored with anise, a spice used often in cooking and that also lends the Greek ouzo liqueur its celebrated taste. The special soil composition and the soft Aegean sea breezes give the Aegina’s Koilarati variety of pistachio a uniquely high quality that is recognized with the EU’s P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) seal.

Whether it is winter or summer, and the flavours traditional or brand-new, remember that when we bake our kourabies, it is just a drop!  Only one spoon-sized drop of batter on the baking sheet for each kourabie,  and you enjoy that good things – no, great things! – come in small packages.