“Biskota” stands for biscuits In Greek. You can find many biskota recipes throughout the country. It was difficult to choose among them the one that would inspire our creations. Our aim was to present a series of snacks using ingredients known for their high nutritional value.

The cuisine of the southern Greek island of Crete is definitely an inspiration for its nutrition mentality.


The traditional Cretan nutrition is considered worldwide a model for healthy diet, based on the consumption of cereals, vegetables and herbs, dairy, fruits, legumes, nuts, wine, honey, olive oil and limited quantity of meat.

The history of the Cretan cuisine is lost in the mists of time.

Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea and the centre of Europe’s first advanced civilization, the Minoan. Lots of mythological and historic stories and findings weave the canvas that portrays the long heritage of Crete.

The island is favored with a beneficial climate. The mild and rainy winters combined with hot and sunny summers create the ideal environment for the growth of a vast variety of quality agricultural products. Even when the island encountered successive conquerors, such as Arabs, Venetians and Turks, the agricultural production of the island helped Cretans to survive them all.

The diversity of healthy ingredients they used in their home pastry making stimulated our imagination.


Biskota with black raisin, almonds and dark chocolate

We offer this recipe in a stick shape. Inspired by the fragrant, delicious character of the distinctive black raisin fruit, we have created a new, innovative koulouraki recipe that makes our biscuit stick a nourishing snack throughout the day. Almonds, dark chocolate and oat boost the flavor of our koulouraki with black raisin.

Biskota with tahini

Our tahini biscuit is our second biskota recipe. Although the origin of the word tahini – also known as super food- is arabic, it is an important ingredient of Greek pastry making. It was a great challenge for us to come up with an inspired recipe using this unique nutrient.

Biskota with almonds

The delicacy and multiple nutritional values of almonds have established them as one of the most favorite ingredients of Greek pastry making.
So, how could an almond cookie be missing from our range?
We have selected to present them in the traditional round shape with lots of crushed almonds on top.